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A Few Favorite Pixabay Artists and Photographers

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A Few Favorite Pixabay Artists and Photographers

A wonderful source of images is Pixabay.com. It is one of the few platforms on which artists and photographers post their work and allow people to use those images - even for commercial purposes. Crediting is not required, but I give credit wherever possible, if I know who the artist is. These images are especially important when a writer (like me) is writing about something outside my own areas of expertise. In other words, if I need a shot of a space vehicle, I won't have it in my repertoire, anymore than I would have pictures of NASCAR racing, or lizards of the desert, or the Himalayan landscapes.

Thus, in honor of some of my favorite contributors to Pixabay, I recently wrote a blog to introduce them and thank them. I'm providing the link here in case you'd like to explore them. Each has specialties, and some do png images - in silhouettes or otherwise. Enjoy!