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Nancy's Novelty Infographics for Presenters and Event Coordinators

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Hello, Lovers of Art and Photography! It's wonderful to be able to post our work on Pixels products for millions of people to see and to purchase! I love Fine Arts America and Pixels!

In my case, I also do something different. I create "Nancy’s Novelty Infographics" for coffee breaks, breakout instructions, etc. for presenters and event coordinators to use at meetings, training, conferences, and retreats. The images might be elegant, or humorous, technology-oriented, nature-oriented, or in many other kinds of formats to suit the ambiance of the event and the nature of either the presentations or the audience.

Nancy’s Novelty Infographics Collections include off-the-shelf or customized Single Images and Collections for all kinds of things that happen at events and meetings. Here are some examples: Coffee Breaks | Lunch/Dinner Breaks | Free Time | Ice-Breakers | Breakout Exercises | Meditation & Mindfulness Moments | Housekeeping | Tech Issues and MORE. Some of them are short videos; some are collages; some are single slides or JPEG pictures which can be used on a tabletop, as well as in PowerPoint presentations.

Nancy’s Novelty Infographics offer something for everyone, regardless of whether your event is part of New York’s Fashion Week, a Beer-Belly-Blast conference, a Twelve Step Program marathon, or a Meditation and Mindfulness Retreat. These little single slide or collection gems will give class, humor, and added interest to your presentations, and I do all the work for you! I hope you'll check out some samples on my website link (included in this blog). As with Pixels, I'm constantly updating content, so pardon the mess if you arrive on the site when I'm in the middle of adding or rearranging content.

In the meantime, congratulations to all you wonderful artists and photographers. I love perusing your work!

Let's Keep The Creative Juices Flowing!

Nancy (Ayanna) Wyatt

Some are short videos.

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